YOUNGJIN Corp. is a leader of the liquid level control industry. Founded in 1999, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. The company's products include float switch, liquid level sensor, water level switch, float liquid level switch, stainless steel liquid level sensor, and cable liquid level switch. The annual production capability of liquid level control products is higher than 100 million. Widely used in residential, commercial, municipal and industrial water supply and wastewater treatment markets. Currently YoungJin products cover more than 80% of the South Korean market.

   Shanghai YOUNGJIN Eng Co., Ltd is a joint venture subsidiary of YOUNGJIN Corp in Shanghai, China. Founded in February 2015, with main focus on R&D, production and sales in greater China and globally, providing product and services to many domestic and global pump manufacturers, making sure the manufacturing process meets the most stringent quality control requirements.
   YOUNGJIN liquid level control products' excellent quality and great service record won the heart and mind of customers worldwide. Adhering to the "client first" business philosophy, YOUNGJIN will continue to provide our customers with quality products and services.

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