1) Electric cable: cable has a outside sheath made with PVC that has high density, it is corrosion resistant, and oil resistant.

2) Float shell: shell material made with ABS environmental friendly material. The shape is designed to look like a water drop, 360 degree rotate activation.

3) Float core: cylindrical inner core with card slot (convex shape) that is designed to restrict movement of the steel ball, ensuring activation only at 45 degree angle, eliminating signal error due to movement of water. Micro switch is imported from Japan Omron micro switch.

4) Waterproof treatment:

1. First layer of waterproof treatment: Super glue application of float where cable is inserted into the float, super glue is also injected into the cable core 2 - 3 cm deep.

2. Second layer of waterproof: Rubber ring is placed where cable is inserted into float, then super glue is applied again.

3. Third layer of waterproof: Epoxy resin is then inserted between inner core and cable end, 2 ~ 3cm deep.

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